Oracle SQL Certification

In this workshop, the students will gain awareness about the Oracle SQL certification and will be able to map what they learnt with the topics covered during the workshop.

Oracle PL/SQL Certification

This workshop will be a continuation of the previous workshop about Oracle SQL, as this workshop will cover the main topics that will be covered for the Oracle Professional certification

Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

This workshop will introduce the student to Microsoft Azure, one of the most famous cloud computing platforms and they will gain hands-on experience on Azure important features and how to develop solutions in C#.

Python Training Course

Program code on computer display in magnifying glass. Close-up

Welcome to our Python course designed specifically for students! This 3-day course will introduce you to the basics of Python programming language, from setting up the environment to creating fun and interactive applications. In the first day, we’ll cover the fundamentals of Python programming, including data types, variables, input/output functions, control flow statements, and loops. […]

English Exam Preparation

Learn English. Books and textbooks for English studying.

Are you interested in learning more about the IELTS and EMSAT tests? Having a strong command of the English language can open many doors and help you succeed. We offer specialized instruction and training geared towards improving your performance on the IELTS and EMSAT tests. Our experienced instructors will provide guidance, feedback, and tips to […]

كتابة الاخبار الصحفية

Young beaming pretty asian reporter making notes

يتعرف الطالب على أساسيات كتابة الاخبار الصحفية ، و كيفية الحصول على الاخبار يتعرف الطالب على طريقة كتابة الخبر الصحفى – يميز الطالب بين الخبر الصحفى المطبوع و الرقمى – يتعرف على مصادر الاخبار وتأثيرها على مصداقيتها

التصوير الرقمي باستخدام كاميرا الموبيل

Professional Mobile Photography

يتعرف الطالب على أسس التصوير بالموبايل و أخلاقيات التصوير الرقمى  شرح أهم مفاهيم الصورة الرقمية في الاعلام القواعد الهامة في التصوير  انتاج الصور بالموبيل كيفية الترويج للمحتوى على المنصات المختلفة  اخلاقيات التصوير الرقمي (بالكاميرا – الموبيل)  تدريبات عملية ومناقشة ما تم تصويرة اثناء الورشة”