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Information Technology Department

Introduction to Microsoft Technology Associate Certification (MTA) in Introduction to programming using HTML and CSS

The aim of this workshop is to preparing students to be certified in Microsoft technology associate (MTA) in Introduction to programming using HTML and CSS. First part of the workshop will be about Microsoft certificates and exams and tracks. Second part will be we will work on practical building a website using the needed features for certificate level. Last part will be multiple choice questions and competition Quiz. At the end of this workshop, the students will be ready to book and do the exam soon.

Workshop and certificate will cover the following topics:

  1. Understand HTML Fundamentals
  2. Structure Documents Using HTML
  3. Present Multimedia Using HTML
  4. Understand CSS Fundamentals
  5. Styling Web Pages Using CSS

Speakers / Organizers

Mr. Khalid Yahya

Event Details

Start Date
November 27, 2021
Start Time
12:00 PM
End Time
03:00 PM
3 hours

Registration Restricted

No registration required for attending this event or the registration period ended already.

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