Career Counselling for Students

Conceptual image of career management

Career guidance for students to prepare them for job opportunities @ Room G03 . Students can  register Here:  

The English Game

Private lesson of English

English Department invites you to participate in a competition that involves a combination of idioms, grammar, current happenings etc. An opportunity to test your language proficiency in a fun-filled environment incorporating awards as a means of motivation using a virtual platform.

Ahlan Ramadan

Ramadan and Eid decoration, celebration of Holy month of Ramadan and Eid in Abu Dhabi, UAE

GE Department invites you to participate in Haq Al Laila at KIC. Haq Al Laila is an Emirati social activity to receive the blessed month of Ramadan. Students are encouraged to bring their kids to participate in the event.

Introduction to Programming using HTML and CSS

Designers discussing website layouts

This workshop helps students to understand HTML and CSS, create a website using different features and other topics, also prepare for Microsoft exam to be certified then show Microsoft exam path to plan for next exams. The following topics will be covered during the workshop: Understand HTML Fundamentals Structure Documents Using HTML Present Multimedia Using […]